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Future wireless networks will most likely be heterogeneous and dense, a structure which can be exploited if communication technology is constructed on the appropriate information theoretical basis that incorporate potentially lossy communications links. RESCUE wants to establish this basis and develop the integrated concept “links on the fly” which encompasses the key technologies. RESCUE Project Website


GAME-Abling is a software technology for the creation of accessible games with the aim of improve physical activity of disabled people. This different approach will benefit both caregivers or therapists, who will be able to design easily customized games for their patients, and disabled people, who will be able to play with the games developed by physiotherapists, professional caregivers, therapists and other people within the health community improving their fitness while playing. GAMEAbling website

Ubiquitous intelligent Networks

UBiNET offers a ubiquitous network of smart devices whereby users can communicate to each other without the requirement for a network provider or an access point.

We also offer custom made versions of UBiNET for our customers' specific requirements such as gaming, ambient-assisted living, vehicle-to-vehicle, military and emergency communications.

We can implement or help clients implement their own defined modules that can be used with our UBiNET solution.

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