Our Technology

UBiNET © - A bespoke ubiquitous network system


The technology is a bespoke ubiquitous network system, consisting of IP-based smart devices and is independent of any communication infrastructure. UbiTech Limited has defined this network system, in order to support reliability and interoperability among current wireless technologies as well as future investments in similar smart IP-based devices.

UBiNET is a software platform that can enable communications among heterogeneous smart devices on an anywhere anytime anything basis. Our secure software once uploaded on smart devices can create a scalable multihop broadcast network. These devices can talk to each other directly or through relay nodes when source-destination node pairs are not within direct transmission range of each other. UBiNET is also available as a testbed facility for research and development projects.

With UBiNET, users can communicate among each other without the requirement for a network provider or an access point. We also offer custom made versions of UBiNET to satisfy our customers' specific requirements such as vehicle-to-vehicle, military and emergency communications including Blue Force Tracking. We can implement or help clients implement their own defined applications that can be used with our scalable UBiNET solution. UBiNET could be complementary to other solutions such as cellular-based technologies. It could also address vulnerabilities of these technologies, for instance by mitigating the single point of failure that centralised networks impose during extreme emergency situations such as earthquakes and tsunamis. 

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