The main objective of the GABLE project is to launch a social platform for personalized games that would dramatically enhance the living conditions of people with Cerebral Palsy (CP). This platform continues the work previously done in the FP7 "Game-abling" project, and updates it to relevant emerging gaming technologies, such as augmented reality, while, at the same time, introducing machine learning in the backbone of the platform, in order to provide the level of personalization envisioned. As such, carers for people with CP will have the tools to personalize the games that we will develop to individual patient needs, and offer control mechanisms that allow the carers to adequately monitor the progress of the patients. The focus of the games that will be released with this platform will be on social inclusion, by means of improving the physical activity of CP patients, through the use of multiplayer technologies in the creation of such games, which will facilitate the development of relationships within groups of CP patients, as well as outside these groups.

GABLE aims to create the first online video games service for youths with CP, which will be the hosting platform of games (exergames and non-exergames) focused on improving motor skills and visual-motor coordination for youths with CP. These games will leverage the latest advances in Computer Vision and image processing techniques, in order to improve accessibility. The platform will be constructed with social networking in mind, which will allow parents, care givers and patients to socialize in a common environment, to share experiences and advice, in an effort to provide the best care for CP patients. Caregivers would also be able to share best practices and lessons learned among themselves, which will help them provide a better
service across Europe and beyond. GABLE webpage