About us

Who we are and what we do

UbiTech is a start-up from March 2012. UbiTech is a young and dynamic ubiquitous wireless communication provider with the goal of designing and developing modern technologies and solutions to the accelerating world.

Our Vision

For Secure Ubiquitous Services

UbiTech vision is to develop IP-based user-centric and personalised ubiquitous services based on our UBiNET platform. Our innovative technology provides self-organised wireless device communication protocols that have the ability of cognition. Thus, the ubiquitous services are intelligent, autonomous and adaptive to ambient conditions in order to provide users with highest quality communication. That’s what makes our UBiNET unique and regarded as a cornerstone of future wireless communication.


UbiTech believes in people's merits

Our management team has extensive technical and commercial expertise in the areas of ubiquitous networking, security, peer-to-peer and wireless sensor networks. UbiTech Ltd. was formed in March 2012 to commercialise the founders’ academic research on ubiquitous wireless communications. A dynamic team of engineers, software developers and business people have come together to realise and commercialise the concept "Wireless Communication Anywhere".